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Peak Athletics Fall Training 2023

Peak Athletics will be hosting it's fall training camp again this year.  We will be getting back to the fundamentals in the fall and build a solid foundation for the season.  The athlete’s jump stems from the fundamentals and the goal is to nail those down for the season so that we can have the best chance at success during the year, when it really matters.

As many know, AHSAA rules hamper us from training as a group year round, but we can train as a group until November 26th.  Below is all the information for the fall program. 


September 11th-November 18th

Training Days

Monday and Wednesday (4:30-7:00)

Running and Lifting on these days, but will email out for those that are not in town.

Jump Days

Tuesday and Thursdays (4:30-6:30 and 6:00-8:00)

Fridays will be a make up day if we get rained out during the week. 

Decided to move the jump days to Tuesday/Thursday as we have had many issues with the timing coinciding with Wednesday night church.

Progress Meets:

We are planning 3 meets that are just to see where we currently are in our training and to have a little fun.  We will announce dates at a later time as I am trying to avoid several holidays and want to check with school schedules.


What do you get with the Fall Training?

The 20 jump practices between September 11th-November 18th and a written periodization running and lifting plan for that same time period, the use of all of Peak Athletics poles 100+ poles and equipment also during that period. You will also get a Peak Athletics Shirt.

Cost: $900 Can be split into 2 payments if needed.

Also look into our memberships as they are cheaper in the long run if you plan on doing a whole season of training with Peak.


Please email back the fall sign up sheet if you are attending the fall session and if you did not attend the summer program please email me back the waiver as well. Also write what group you want to be in.  Preference for which group is first come first serve.


For any questions please contact me.  If you email the sign up sheet then you are in the program for the fall.



2790 Pelham Parkway

Pelham, Alabama



My Contact Information:


Phone: call or text 205-335-4801


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