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Part of developing as a pole vaulter is that as you progress you start using larger poles and not every school or an individual can afford a complete series of poles.  Not having the right pole can halt progress and eventually lead to ingraining bad technique into the athlete. Why not rent? Our prices and terms make it affordable for an athlete to not only continue to develop, but to do it without having to break the bank. With our terms it gives the athletes the ability to have a continuous pole supply that can help the athlete get those next bars.


Rentals are done by season rentals.

Non rental period (August-October)

Seasonal Rentals:

11'-12'7" poles are $150

13'-14'7" poles are $175

15'+ poles are $225

Call for more than 5 pole rental pricing 

Sectional and State Meet Pole Rentals

This is a special rental service just for two weeks during the championship. Poles are $50 during this period per pole.



  • You can buy insurance that protects up to five poles for $100. $20 for each additional.

    • ​If pole breaks and you have insurance you will have a replacement ASAP. Will need the pieces of broken pole before we can give you the new pole.

    • ​If insurance is not purchased and pole is broken or damaged the renter owes 75% of current retail price of the pole

  • ​Must sign rental agreement before poles are rented

  • Poles are due back within a week of the state meet or there is a $25 late fee per week.

    • ​If you are competing in the decathlon please let us know via email so that we can make arrangements

  • Must have a credit card on file to rent poles.

    • This is for our protection against theft, breakage, and late returns.​

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