Alabama All-Star PV Invitational

This will be the first ever Alabama All-Star PV Invitational.  The meet was put in place to allow the best of the best in Alabama to compete against each other despite not being in the same class.  This way there is no doubt who the best is when they all show up and jump against each other.  There will be 2 divisions Elite and Emerging Elite for both the boys and the girls.  This is for the top 20 in Alabama.  The Top 10 Boys and Girls in the state will be in the Elite section.  If there is a tie for 10th then they are all moved to the Elite.  Invitations are based off Milesplit marks from either indoors or outdoors this season.  So the highest mark from each person is what we count.  We will not be adding anyone into the meet after invitations have been sent out.  Invitations will be posted here and on Instagram at @peakathleticspv by May 10th.

Meet Date:

May 22nd

Rain Date is the 23rd


Rolling Schedule Warm ups Start @ 8:15 First bar is at 9.

45 minutes warm up max between groups.  We can start earlier if the group agrees they are done.

Emerging Elite Girls

Emerging Elite Boys

Elite Girls

Elite Boys


This is subject to change, but below is the projected progression

Emerging Elite Girls: 8'8", 9'4", 9'8", 10', 10'4", and + 4" on

Emerging Elite Boys: 12'4", 12'10", 13'4", 13'10, 14'2", 14'6" and +4" on

Elite Girls: 9'8", 10'2", 10'8", 11'2", 11'8", 12', 12'4", and +4" on

Elite Boys: 13'6", 14'2", 14'8", 15'2", 15'6", 15'10, 16'2" and +4" on

Meet Entry Fee:

$10 for all athletes

Free for Spectators


Geaux Play

2790 Pelham Parkway

Pelham, AL


Emerging Elite will have medals for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

Elite will be medals for 2nd and 3rd.  Championship Belt for 1st place.




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